hawk 200 대당가격?

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인도네시아가 도입한 hawk 200의 대당 도입단가를 알고 있으신분 계신가요?


그리고 어디서 알수 있는지 링크 부탁드립니다.


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백선호 2018.06.11. 08:02

1999년 1월 25일자 영국의 가디언 신문 기사를 http://www.guardian.co.uk/ethical/article/0,,192003,00.html 보면


1993년에 8대의 호크 109와 16대의 호크 209를 계약한 금액은 약 5억 파운드이고


1996년 11월 21일에 추가로 16대의 호크 209를 계약한 금액은 약 3억 파운드라고 합니다. 
BAe가 인도네시아의 항공산업을 키워주겠다고 꼬셔 96대까지 팔아먹을 생각도 하긴 했네요. 
"There were no Indonesian-built components in these Hawks, but at the time it was said there are likely to be some if the order is extended. While the deal was under negotiation, it was speculated that a purchase of up to 96 Hawk aircraft was possible if BAe helped Indonesia develop its own aeronautical industry. At that time a contract was said to be dependent on the willingness of BAe to allow 35% of the manufacture to be carried out by IPTN, Indonesia's state-run aeronautical company. None of the subsequent reports, mention this."

날아올라 2018.06.11. 09:48

정말 감사합니다 ^^

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